Living Room Inspiration by Parris Chic Boutique

Sprucin' up with PCB! 

Happy Monday, Friends! Feeling in need of a little sprucin' up lately? We've got you covered. Today we want to let you in on a five small ways our products + more can help you significantly improve your space along with share EVEN MORE gorgeous living room photos from our #PCBdreamhouse shoot back in April! 

1. Have you checked out our candles? They vary in size & style & you really cannot go wrong here! Candles can immediately (& quite literally) brighten up any space, They are timeless, effortless, and essential! Shop our candles here!  

2. If you couldn't tell, we love pillows! Pillows are so fun to decorate any space with! They can refresh old & plain furniture or spaces. Our pillows can be personalized, come in two different sizes, & come in a wide variety of cute quotes & sayings! We even offer linen & leather accent pillows! Pillows can also bring life to even the dullest of spaces! So what are you waiting for? Shop our pillows here & put some life back into your space!

3. Aren't blankets the best? They're oh so cozy as well as perfect for decorative purposes!  They add more texture and appeal to any space! What more could we ask for? Maybe we're partial, but we definitely think our blankets are just the prettiest + would look so darling in your home! Browse our blankets here & try not to swoon! 

4. Frames are so much fun because they come in so many different shapes & sizes & you can decorate with them however you'd like! You can leave them empty,  fill em' in, or a do little bit of both! They also add a lovely little personal touch in your space! It's decided- you definitely need some more frames! Shop our variety of frames + prints here here!

5. Lastly, but certainly not least, florals are ALWAYS a good idea. Flowers or greens are guaranteed to brighten + freshen your indoors! Whether you pick some greens from your backyard or buy them at your local garden center, you will be so pleased by this final little touch! Florals may seem small & insignificant but they can be a game changer! 

Thanks for taking the time to read through our tips! We believe that your home should be filled to the brim with meaningful + purposeful decor & we want our pretty products to help you make that possible! Now, decorate away! We can't wait to see!  

décor by Parris Chic Boutique, photos by Love & Light Photographs, styling by Kaitlin Holland of The School of Styling