The School of Styling's Creative Business Crash Course with Parris Chic Boutique

I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of The School of Styling’s newest online program, the
Creative Business Crash Course - and not just because I love everything TSOS, but because I’m thrilled for YOU! This course is everything I wish I would have had when I started Parris Chic Boutique 4 years ago. If you’re in the same boat as me, with a company in your hands, It’s the information you've been waiting for. The Creative Business Crash Course is filled to the brim with advice from business women who get it and are passionate about seeing you achieve your goals and make it happen.

I’ll be sharing all about a not so favorite, but oh so necessary topic: sales. More on that here.

Do you struggle with defining your business direction?
Do you dream of leaving your 9-5 but you worry about being able to make ends meet?
Are you constantly running on empty, unable to give to those who really need you?
Do you desire to know how to launch (or relaunch) your business successfully?
Have you been in business for a few months/years and feel stuck - unsure which move to make next?
Do you want to have an efficient and productive work schedule?
Are you overworked, overwhelmed, and in need of guidance?
Do you want to feel prepared and equipped before starting your dream venture?
Are you still deciding what that is?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this 6-week crash course is guaranteed to change your business!

Sign up + get all the details here - see you there! I’ll be the one cheering you on!