Learn modern calligraphy in the comfort of your home with our new online class! This 35 minute course taught by Alyssa Thiel of Parris Chic Boutique follows the same format of our live workshops and includes all the inside tips and tricks to get you writing with your calligraphy supplies like a pro.


1. Welcome Tools
2. Supplies
3. Basic Strokes
4. Forming Letters
5. Style Flourishes
6. Final Remarks


Our beginner's calligraphy supply kit is the best around and can be purchased in addition to our course videos for enhanced learning! You will receive a handmade instruction booklet, printed out sheets of the instructions, a modern alphabet and stroke guide, 10 sheets of standard lined calligraphy paper, 1 sheet of lined paper with angles, 2 sheets of tracing paper, 2 sheets of scratch paper, a clip board, a pencil, an oblique calligraphy pen holder, 3 nibs, a nib envelops, 1 pot of black ink, and a small bag for storage.